What time can I pick-up and/or drop-off?

Anytime during regular business hours. 

*Please be aware that you are responsible for each day you book, regardless of pick-up or drop off time.

What are your requirements for boarding?

All dogs must be current on all vaccinations. You may have your vet fax or email them to us. Please have them sent over BEFORE your scheduled drop off date.

Email: sidlehillfarms@gmail.com

​Fax: 662-890-7858

Is it possible to pick up my dog after hours?

Let us know and we will make every effort possible to find a time that works for you. After hours pick-up and drop off are by appointment only and may incur an extra charge. Charges are based on what it cost us to arrange for someone to be at the kennels after hours to meet you. Often times, we are already there after hours and are happy to accommodate you free of charge.

What will a typical day be for my dog?

Every dog's personal needs are different, so a typical day for one dog will not be a typical day for another. We take every measure possible to make sure your dog is relaxed, comfortable, and happy when they are with us.  

Generally, everyone gets out first thing to use the bathroom. Next it's breakfast time. Once everyone has eaten, it's time to go out again. Especially in the summer, this is a popular time before it gets too hot. By this time, it is around lunch and everyone is tired from the busy morning - it's nap time. By mid afternoon, its time to go out again - time to play fetch, tug-of-war, or just sit together for awhile. This is an especially popular time in the winter since it's the warmest part of the day. What's next? Dinner Time. Already? Time flies when you're having fun! After dinner, everyone is usually offered to go out one last time.